Certified Nurse Practitioner -Susan Wilcox

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Susan Wilcox Certified Nurse Practitioner
The medical practice of Dr. David Schwartz strives to provide gynecologic care in a sensitive and compassionate manner. To that end, Dr. Schwartz understands that not every woman is comfortable being seen by a male physician. To ensure that all women are able to receive personalized care that meets their needs, Susan is available.

What is a CNP?
CNP stands for Certified Nurse Practitioner. A CNP holds a master’s degree in nursing and is a licensed Registered Nurse (RN). In the state of Ohio, each CNP is certified by the state and is granted a Certificate of Authority by the Ohio Board of Nursing.
Working closely with a licensed physician, a CNP is qualified to provide a wide variety of health services. They are able to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications.

What OB/GYN services does a Certified Nurse Practitioner provide?
• Annual gynecologic Pap tests and other physical exams
• Contraceptive care
• Care before and after menopause
• Screening and referral for health problems
• Health and wellness counseling
• Sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening, treatment, and follow-up
• Pregnancy testing and referral to physicians for prenatal care
• Evaluation and treatment of common infections

Susan can provide you with these services and address any concerns you may have. Any surgical procedures or serious health problems will be referred to Dr. Schwartz.
Susan graduated from the University of Cincinnati with her Master of Nursing and performed her clinical rotation in OB-GYN at the office of Dr. David B. Schwartz, M.D. She is pleased to be a part of Dr. Schwartz’s practice and is devoted to the care of women.

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